Upgrading Cash Checkout Systems at a Large Major Retailer: A Coordinated Effort by NTFS and Sensormatic Canada

“Working with NTFS was a pleasure. The dedicated program managers were able to help us manage the varying hours with minimal interruption to the stores and checkouts where the installations were taking place. It’s not easy to manage this many vendors across a project, especially when you have to consider the customer and how our upgrades might affect their regular shopping schedule. The NTFS team were punctual and reliable in getting the work done on time. The NTFS team was able to segment and work tactically in order to prevent downtime for operations.” Using NTFS for this project removed a great deal of strain on our resources, with technician coverage through most of Canada.

Lorenzo Di Traglia, Director Operations (Canada & Central US), Sensormatic Solutions 

About This Case Study

This case study delves into a collaboration between National Technical Field Services (NTFS) and Sensormatic Canada. Together, along with their other partners, Avery and NCR, they upgraded cash checkout systems for a major retail corporation across 200 locations. The project focused on installing new scanners and antennas. 

The goal was to improve technology and efficiency while minimizing business disruptions. Despite various challenges, the project succeeded, meeting the retailer’s objectives.


The project had two main objectives:

  1. Technology Enhancement: The first goal was to modernize the checkout systems in 200 stores of a major retail corporation. This involved replacing outdated scanners and installing new antennas—the upgrade aimed to boost efficiency and adherence to current technology standards.
  2. Minimal Operational Disruption: The second objective was equally crucial—conducting these technology upgrades with as little interruption to the retailer’s daily operations as possible. Plans were laid out to perform installations outside peak business hours to ensure a smooth transition.


The project employed a multi-pronged approach to address the challenges head-on:

Regular Coordination Meetings

The team scheduled weekly or bi-weekly meetings among all vendors, including NTFS, Avery, and Sensormatic Canada. These meetings aligned everyone on project updates and helped manage the complex scheduling.

Specialized Training

Sensormatic Canada provided specialized training to NTFS technicians. The training sessions in the office and field equipped the technicians with the specific skills needed for antenna installations.

Phased Installation

The team adopted a phased approach for installations across the 200 stores. This strategy eased logistical challenges like equipment shipping and local team coordination. It also enabled installations to occur outside peak business hours, minimizing downtime.

Technician Deployment Strategy

NTFS used its network of local technicians to cut down on travel and accommodation costs. Local technicians could respond more quickly to installation or troubleshooting needs, making the project more efficient.

About the Involved Parties


National Technical Field Services (NTFS) excels in managing and servicing business communications. They operate a vast network of over 65 trained installers and technicians across Canada. NTFS has a strong background in diverse installations. This includes satellite antennas, Wi-Fi networks, structured cabling, and digital signage.

NTFS prides itself on solid contractor relationships. These are not mere subcontractor engagements but evolving partnerships. Such relationships have given NTFS an edge in deploying technicians quickly and efficiently, especially in projects involving multiple vendors.

Sensormatic Canada

Sensormatic Canada is a leading global retail solutions portfolio of Johnson Controls. Their solutions’ core is the intelligent operating platform Sensormatic IQ, developed through partnerships with Google and Intel. It provides predictive and prescriptive data-driven results for retailers, helping them navigate their digital transformation.

The company has a rich legacy in retail technology, having been a leader in electronic article surveillance (EAS) since its inception in 1966. Sensormatic is now known for its best-in-class solutions, software, and services, enabling smart and connected shopper engagement.  


NCR Corporation, based in Atlanta, is a leading enterprise technology provider. The company offers digital payments, cryptocurrency capabilities, and restaurant technology solutions. 

NCR has a strong presence in the retail and restaurant markets, with a focus on delivering innovative solutions to its customers

Avery Weigh-Tronix 

Avery Weigh-Tronix is one of the world’s leading suppliers of weighing solutions.

With over 250 years of experience, Avery designs, manufactures, markets, and services a broad range of high-quality industrial products & weighing systems.

Challenges Faced

The project encountered several challenges that required meticulous planning and coordination:

Scheduling Complexity

Coordinating among multiple vendors was a logistical hurdle. With companies like NCR, NTFS, and Avery involved, aligning schedules to prevent overlaps and conflicts became a significant task.

Minimizing Downtime

Any technology upgrade usually involves some level of service disruption. One of the project’s critical success factors was keeping this downtime to an absolute minimum. 

Geographic Scope

The project spanned 200 stores, adding another layer of complexity. The geographical spread necessitated logistical considerations, from shipping equipment to coordinating with local teams for installation.


The retail corporation reported minimal disruptions to its daily operations—a testament to the project’s success in meeting its objectives. The upgrades unfolded smoothly, even during business hours, thanks to meticulous planning and vendor coordination.

Furthermore, introducing new scanners and antennas led to an immediate improvement in checkout efficiency and technology standards. While consumer-facing changes were subtle, the backend operations experienced a notable boost in performance.

The corporation’s positive feedback indicates that the project met and likely exceeded their expectations. This success underscores the effectiveness of the coordinated efforts between NTFS, Sensormatic Canada, and Avery.


The collaboration between NTFS and Sensormatic Canada achieved the dual objectives of technological enhancement and minimal operational disruption for a major retail corporation. Despite the complexities of multi-vendor coordination, geographic spread, and the need to minimize downtime, the project was executed almost seamlessly. 

The success not only met but likely surpassed the retail corporation’s expectations, demonstrating the strength and efficiency of  NTFS, Avery, and Sensormatic Canada in managing such projects.

NTFS is a reliable and competent partner if you’re considering a retail systems upgrade or embark on a multi-vendor project. With a strong track record in effectively managing and executing complex projects, NTFS can help you achieve your operational and technological goals.

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