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With a track record spanning 15 years, we specialise in the digital connectivity part of digital signage installation for indoor areas. Think of us as the wizards behind the eye-catching displays at places like McDonald's. Our skilled team is ready to serve you in more than 5,000 locations across Canada. Chat with us and let’s figure out how we can help out.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Digital signage is a system that uses digital screens to show information, ads, or messages. It works with software that lets you control and update what’s displayed on these screens from a computer.
There’s no fixed cost for digital signage installations because each client’s requirements vary, and costs vary as a result . Factors like the number of screens required, the amount of manpower that needs to be deployed, and any specific client customizations, can influence digital signage installation costs.
Displays, mounting hardware, media players, Content Management System (CMS), network infrastructure (routers, switches, cables, etc.) are used to deploy digital signage systems.
Installing a digital sign involves things like gathering the right hardware (screens, media player, mounting equipment, etc.), network setup, mounting and installation, and software.. To rid yourself of the complexity, hire a professional team like NTFS to take care of the entire process.
A digital signage kiosk is an interactive screen you can touch, similar to a giant tablet in public places. It shows information, helps you find your way, and even lets you do things like buy tickets or find product details.

A static sign is a traditional sign that doesn’t change its message without manual replacement. It’s like a printed poster or a regular road sign that stays the same until someone physically updates it.

A digital sign, on the other hand, displays dynamic content like videos, images, and text. It can show different messages, change in real-time, and be controlled remotely using a computer or software. It’s much more flexible and interactive compared to a static sign.

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