Best Indoor Digital Signage Installation services in Canada

With a track record spanning 15 years, we specialise in the digital connectivity part of digital signage installation for indoor areas.


What Makes NTFS Different?

We cut our teeth on receive only satellite dish installations and roll outs. NTFS has developed a number of long-term relationships with major system integrators in the satellite industry. In this manner, we have successfully installed and maintained networks for many major companies, network operators and government agencies.

The satellite industry has changed dramatically as systems have become far more intricate and sophisticated, requiring technicians who are skilled in a variety of electronic, computer, and networking disciplines. NTFS has established a network of over 65 highly trained Satellite Technicians across Canada. This abundant Satellite Technician field force allows NTFS to meet the manpower needs of any planned rollout or a single site with trained technicians available to cover even the most remote regions of Canada.


What are Thermal Camera Systems?

At airports, office buildings, restaurants and other mass gathering venues, thermal cameras are forming the first line of defence for companies managing the risks associated with a global pandemic. These companies are using thermal cameras for screening needed to help detect people with signs of elevated temperature.

The NTFS team of seasoned technicians install and support all components of Thermal Camera Systems. Or any camera system utilizing our network of over 65 installers across Canada.

NTFS is a professional infrastructure and maintenance management company. We provide a communications resource for all your organization’s network infrastructure needs.

Thermal camera installation
Wireless LTE/3G/4G services in Canada
Wireless LTE/3G/4G services in Canada


Installation of wireless LTE/3G/4G (based on geographical location and service availability) with lead Canadian wireless providers like Telus and Rogers using their SIM cards in various wireless networking modems like Cradlepoint and Sierra Wireless. This technology has been successfully implemented and used at many big box retailers mostly for their backup connectivity on their PoS systems.


Comprehensive Installation Services – Nationwide

We cover everything from design, deployment, and management of single site installations to national rollouts.

With more than 10 years of experience, NTFS offers comprehensive installation services delivered by a network of over 65 expert technicians, and highly experienced project managers. Together they successfully deploy digital signage, menu boards, traffic counters, kiosks, VoIP, wireless networks, SD-WAN and much more for clients of all sizes.

Home Fiber Drops
Home Fiber Drops

Home Fiber Drops

NTFS works with broadband infrastructure partners to achieve the true “last mile”. Whether net-new infrastructure or upgrading of existing networks, NTFS has the reach and range throughout remote and rural Canada to help connect all your potential customers to your network through our fiber drop program. Our best practices take the complexity out of connecting your network backbone to consumer residences, MDU’s and commercial facilities, all carefully coordinated with end customers, construction schedules and testing procedures.

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