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Fiber Optic Installation Services in Canada

NTFS works with broadband infrastructure partners to achieve the true “last mile”. Whether net-new infrastructure or upgrading of existing networks, NTFS has the reach and range throughout remote and rural Canada to help connect all your potential customers to your fibre network.

Our best practices take the complexity out of connecting your network backbone to consumer residences, MDU’s and commercial facilities, all carefully coordinated with end customers, construction schedules, and testing procedures.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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A fiber drop technician installs and maintains fiber optic connections from a main distribution point to homes or businesses, ensuring high-speed internet and communication services. 

Their job is to physically install the fiber optic cables, ensuring that the fiber “drops” from a distribution network to a specific location. The job description includes burying cables, connecting them to network termination points, and ensuring proper signal quality.

Fibre-optic power internet translates to a faster and more reliable internet connection. It’s like upgrading from a regular road to a superhighway for your data, making work smoother and more competitive.


Fiber installation involves planning, laying cables, connecting, testing, and activating fast internet.

Unlike regular fiber internet (referred to as FTTN internet), fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) internet brings the fibre connection all the way to your home or business, while FTTN stops at a nearby node or distribution point. 

With FTTH, you have a direct and dedicated connection, like having a superhighway to your doorstep, resulting in faster and more reliable internet

Prices for fiber installation are dependent on your specific business requirements, and thus vary based on a number of factors. These can include terrain, length of the fiber optic cable needed, labor costs, working around/replacing existing infrastructure, and so on. 

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