5 Best Digital Signage Installation Services in Canada

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A game-changing strategy for many businesses to capture attention and engage audiences is using digital signage. Digital displays have become an integral part of modern marketing and communication, from retail stores to restaurants to corporate offices and healthcare facilities. 

But let’s face it—installing these dynamic displays isn’t a walk in the park. That’s where digital signage installation services come into play. 

The secret to effective digital signage lies in expert installation, a task where National Technical Field Services (NTFS) excels. Unique in its role, NTFS is not just a service provider but a pivotal installation outsourcing partner for other top companies in this space. 

You’re in the right place if you don’t know where to start. This blog post will introduce you to the best 5 companies offering digital display installation. We’ll cover their serving areas, and other essential details to help you make an informed decision.

What Are Digital Signage Installation Services?

Digital signage installation services are your go-to experts for setting up digital displays. These services take the hassle out of the equation, managing everything from the initial consultation to the final setup. 

They often collaborate closely with digital signage solutions providers in Canada to offer a comprehensive package that includes hardware, software, and sometimes even content creation.

So, what does this mean for you? Imagine you’re a restaurant owner wanting to display a dynamic menu, or perhaps you run a healthcare facility looking to provide real-time updates to patients and visitors. With a digital signage installation service, you get a tailored display solution that meets your needs. 

The 5 Best Digital Signage Installation Services in Canada

1. National Technical Field Services (NTFS) – Top Installation Partnervv

A digital sign featured a male model wearing shades against a blue sky, presenting digital signage installed by NTFS.

With a track record spanning 15 years, NTFS is more than just another name in the industry—they’re professionals you can trust. 

NTFS is their first call when other top companies in the digital signage sector seek expert hands for complex installation projects. Renowned for their precision and skill, they are the behind-the-scenes heroes in making digital displays across Canada come to life.

Serving Areas

NTFS provides national coverage with expert technicians across all provinces and territories in Canada. 

Key Features

    • Skilled Technicians: With over 65 experienced technicians, NTFS ensures that your digital signage installation is in capable hands. These technicians are trained in various technical fields, making them versatile problem-solvers.
    • Site Surveys: NTFS conducts a thorough site survey before installation begins. This step helps assess your project’s technical requirements and scope, ensuring a seamless installation process.
  • Collaborative Approach: They collaborate with vendors and other service providers to manage all the behind-the-scenes work, site readiness/contacts, etc.


While NTFS excels in indoor installations, it’s worth noting they don’t handle large outdoor digital signs like billboards. However, they do play a vital role in setting up the tech infrastructure for such signs. For instance, if a company installs a digital sign at a  drive-through, NTFS wire it up for internet connectivity and seamless communication.

2. NetVisual

An array of digital signs from Netvisual’s portfolio

Headquartered in Ontario, NetVisual is your one-stop shop for cloud-based digital signage. While software is their bread and butter, they offer top-notch installation services. So, if you’re a medium-sized enterprise looking for a balanced approach, these are your guys.

Serving Areas

Whether in Vancouver or Virginia, NetVisual’s got your back. They offer their stellar installation services across all Canadian provinces and U.S. states.

Key Features

  • Certified Technicians: NetVisual’s team of certified experts handle all the technical aspects of your installation. They focus on the nuts and bolts, so you can focus on your business.
  • Site Surveys: NetVisual performs a site survey before the first screen. This ensures your venue is fully prepared for optimal screen placement and readiness.
  • Installation and Activation: NetVisual takes care of everything—mounting the screens, handling the wiring, activating the system, and conducting tests to ensure all systems go.


If you’re looking for a cloud-based digital signage solution but also want the convenience of professional installation, NetVisual offers a balanced approach. However, their services are primarily tailored for medium-sized enterprises, so smaller businesses may need to assess if NetVisual’s offerings align with their needs.

3. Viewitmedia

Giant digital sign made up of multiple screens by Viewitmedia

Specializing in managed digital signage solutions, VIEWitMEDIA is all about giving you options. From kiosks and smartboards to large format displays, they have a range of products to fit your needs. They also offer flexible financing and leasing options. Perfect if you’re in Toronto or the surrounding areas.

Serving Areas

Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, they focus their services on Toronto and the surrounding areas.

Key Features

  • Full Deployment: VIEWitMEDIA takes charge of your digital signage project. They manage every detail from the initial design to the final deployment to ensure a smooth rollout.
  • Custom Solutions: Every business is unique, and Viewitmedia gets that. They offer tailored solutions that align with your specific needs and resources.
  • Managed Support: Forget the hassle of coordinating with multiple vendors. With VIEWitMEDIA, you have a single point of contact for all your support needs, making life much easier.


Viewitmedia offers comprehensive services, including design, deployment, and ongoing management. Their flexible financing and leasing options make budgeting for a digital signage project easier. However, we recommend contacting the company for details on their serving areas.


AUXE’s digital signage showcase with different screen sizes.

Speed and customer support are AUXE‘s calling cards. They’re the folks who’ll get your digital signage up and running in no time, with next-day service calls and same-week project completions. If you’re all about getting things done quickly and efficiently, AUXE is your go-to.

Serving Areas

They offer next-day service calls in cities all over Canada. So wherever you are, they’re not far behind.

Key Features

  • Speed: In a fast-paced world, AUXE keeps up. They offer next-day service calls and aim for same-week project completion. This speed allows you to get back to growing your business, pronto.
  • Expertise: Whether it’s a digital kiosk, a video wall, or a nationwide digital menu rollout, AUXE has the know-how to get it done right.
  • Support: Got questions? Need help? AUXE provides a dedicated Account Manager available seven days a week to assist you.


AUXE stands out for its speed and customer support, offering next-day service calls across Canadian cities. 

5. SignCast Media

A custom indoor video wall setup by SignCast Media.

SignCast Media specializes in innovative audio-visual and digital signage solutions that won’t break the bank. Plus, they offer rental services for events and IT support to keep things running smoothly. Primarily serving the Greater Toronto Area, they’re a solid pick for businesses in Ontario.

Serving Areas

Located in Markham, Ontario, SignCast Media likely focuses on the Greater Toronto Area and its surrounding regions. While they haven’t spelled it out, it’s a safe bet they’re the hometown heroes of digital signage in Ontario.

Key Features

  • Innovative Displays: SignCast Media isn’t just about putting up screens; they offer advanced, user-friendly digital kiosks to truly engage your audience.
  • Rental Services: Hosting an event or function? SignCast Media provides rental equipment, including projectors and digital kiosks, to meet your temporary needs.
  • IT Services: The last thing you want is a technical glitch during a big promotion. SignCast Media offers IT services to preempt potential issues and ensure your digital signage system runs smoothly.


SignCast Media offers a comprehensive range of services, from innovative display solutions to IT support and rental services. Their long-standing experience in the field makes them a reliable choice for businesses investing in digital signage.

Your Next Move in Digital Signage

You’ve just explored the top 5 digital signage installation services in Canada, each with its own unique offerings and advantages. From end-to-end solutions to specialized services, the options are plentiful. But if you’re looking for top-notch installation expertise, we at National Technical Field Services (NTFS) specialize in stellar installation.

Why choose us? With over 15 years of experience, we bring expertise and reliability. Our skilled team is ready to serve you in more than 5,000 locations across Canada. From deployment and ongoing management, we tailor our packages to your business needs.

Our collaborative approach, working hand-in-hand with other top companies, ensures that your digital signage installation is not just a service but a seamless integration into your business strategy.

Upgrade your business communication and marketing with state-of-the-art digital signage. Contact NTFS today to learn more about how we can elevate your digital signage project through our expert installation services.



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